Probability of Software Reliability

It is critically important to understand the reliability of software in production, this goes beyond uptime. As products become more and more distributed and interconnected, its no longer simple to calculate these statistics. If they are not understood it can leave a company open to litigation for not meeting SLAs, and whats possibly worse, a negative... Continue Reading →

Hello Python!

In the spirit of Hello World, lets do one! First, hello world is the de facto way of kicking off a new language, project, or other programming experiment! In 1972, Brian Kernighan wrote a woefully out of date article Programming in C - A Tutorial and starts by showing how to print "hello, world." Since that day,... Continue Reading →

BizzleBot the Blog

Let me introduce myself, my name is Bryce. I love software and developing things. By day I'm a demanding & impatient product manager, and by night I'm a father, husband, dog lover, and given the time a problem solver! I've been programming computers for almost 2 decades, mainly focused on .NET and more recently Angular,... Continue Reading →

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